Q:  What if I have a question that doesn’t appear here?

A:  Email your question(s) to rally@airstreamclub.org.

Q:  Whom do I contact regarding planning a caravan to The Ranch?

A:  Caravan arrival scheduled are being managed by Club Headquarters.  If you are planning a caravan of five (4) or more Airstreams to the Loveland2020 Rally, please contact Barb at rally@airstreamclub.org to schedule caravan arrivals.

Q:  Can I park with my buddy?

A:  The parking team will make every effort to park you with your friends if you arrive together. Please plan to meet offsite and caravan to the grounds together.

Q:  How often are they going to pump-out our waste tanks?

A:  We plan to pump rigs approximately every 3 days (e.g. if you arrive June 17, first pump out is scheduled for June 20).  However, issues can interfere, so you should use water/sewage conservation measures whenever possible.

Q:  Do I have to help or be there for my pump-out?

A:  No, but if your valves are inside a compartment, leave that compartment open on pump day to speed up the process. Also, provide a clear path for the sanitation crew to get to your service access point. If the sanitation team cannot access your valves or access point, you will not be pumped that day. 

Q:  For the Interstates and Atlas members attending — pumpout services do not work as we all work on a macerator system. If there is no dump station, as indicated, how do you propose we handle our pumpout needs – which would be necessary every 48 – 72 hours?

A:   Rally pump-out services accommodate Interstate and Atlas Airstreams, but it is required the owner be present during pump-out. You will be notified which day and approximate time the pump-out vehicle will be arriving. If the owner is not present, the pump-out crew will not be able to complete the pump-out. Rescheduling the pump-out may not be possible, however we do have a location on-site for personal pump-outs. This location is typically used on departure day, but can be used if the scheduled pump-out is missed.

Q:  Is there a pump-out station where I can do it myself, if necessary?

A:   Unfortunately No; however, we have accelerated the standard pump-out schedule to offset.

Q:  Are public showers available?

A:  There are limited shower facilities; however, we have accelerated the standard pump-out schedule to offset.

Q:  For members parking offsite, will my vehicle that I drive to and from the rally be able to park close to the rally activities? 

A:  Yes, a map will be provided as we get closer to June 2020.

Q:  Will Interstates and Atlas members be able to move their rigs in and out of the area, as other can move their tow vehicles?  So we can go shopping, empty tanks, etc?

A:  Yes, you will be able to move in and out of the parking spots.

Q:  How can I volunteer for a committee?  

A:   Committees seeking volunteers will post their needs in the Blue Beret and on the Loveland2020 website in upcoming months.  You can also email your interest in volunteering at rally@airstreamclub.org.

Q:  Does handicap parking guarantee me a site in the water/electric camping area? 

A:  No. The are 765 water/electric sites. Special parking, if requested, is near the central rally area for members.  We ask that you bring your government/state issue placard and supporting documentation with you to the Rally.

Q.  Can you be more specific on water availability? At each site, along with electric? Or do we need to bring extra hoses and power cords to reach centralized electric and water?

A:  Water and electric will be available in close proximity to each parking spot. More details to follow in an upcoming Spotlight on Loveland2020, but attendees are asked to bring a “Y” adapter to daisy chain the water feed plus at least 30′ to 50′ water hose. Standard RV electrical cable will be sufficient; in the past we have recommended bringing two 50′ electrical cords.

Q:  Will being an International, Region or Unit Officer give me a priority with registration?

A:  All registrations have been processed on a first come, first served basis.

Q:  Do Rally Committee Chairmen or volunteers get priority with registration?  

A:  All registrations have been processed on a first come, first served basis.

Q:  When will Rally Arrivals begin for Loveland2020?

A:  General Parking is tentatively scheduled to begin June 17, 2020

Q:  Will the Interstates and Atlas units be parked in their own area, or dispersed throughout the power area?

A:  Interstates and Atlas units are parked based on arrival time and will be parked amongst the rest of the Airstreams, not in a separate area.

Q:  Do I have to park on my park date?

A:  In an attempt to keep the “flock” moving, you will receive a rally arrival date towards the end of March 2020.  If you can’t make it by that date, the Rally Arrival Team will be ready to park you when you “fly in” from 8:00am to dusk.  Arrivals after dusk may stay overnight in the Staging Area, with no hookups, until parking begins the next morning.

Q:  Can I park on the grounds before the rally begins?

A:  The rally cannot arrange any pre-rally parking.  There are campgrounds available nearby.

Q:  Do you supply the generator or do I need to bring one?

A:  The rally does not supply generators for personal use in the Personal Generator Section.

Q:  Is my generator required to meet “quiet generator” standards? 

A:  Yes.  All Personal Generators should be able to run at under approximately 60dB noise level (at 25% load). Most RV “inverter” generators meet this restriction. Some common examples:

  Honda EU3000iS: 57dBA

  Yamaha EF2000i: 51dBA

  Generac iQ2000: 53dBA

  WEN 56125i: 51dBA

•  Honda EU2201i: 53dBA

Q:  How do we register for the Loveland2020 International Rally?

A:  To register, click here

Q:  We’re traveling together in one Airstream but have two membership numbers. Are we eligible for two entries in the drawings and two lifetime member discounts? 

A:  Yes, one person should register with an RV on site plus one adult, and the other as “no RV on site and one adult.”

Q:  How may I sign up to present a seminar at the rally?

A:  Email lovelandpresentations@wbcci.net with a description of your presentation

Q:  Are there activities for the children?  

A:  The rally will have activities planned for youth and children. The cost is included in their rally fee.

Q:  What if I want to just attend the International Board of Trustees and/or Delegates Meeting? 

A:  Current members may attend any club business meeting at no charge. To attend any additional events, you must pay the day pass fee. 

Q:  What if something comes up and I need to cancel my registration? 

A:  Refund requests emailed by April 25, 2020 will be assessed $50.00 fee.  Refund requests after April 26, 2020 will be assessed 50% fee.  NO refunds after June 6, 2020.  If you might have to cancel after that day, please consider obtaining travel insurance.

Q:  Marijuana, and edible products, are legal in the State of Colorado – does that mean I can smoke while on-site at The Ranch and/or in their buildings?

A:  It is legal to smoke marijuana, CBD and consume edible products in your home – for purposes of Loveland2020 your Airstream is considered your home.  Smoking cigarettes and vaping are not allowed in The Ranch buildings nor in an outdoor area within 20’ of the main exit, entrance or operable window AND as restricted by The Ranch.

Q:  I care about our planet, and am committed to recycling.  Will there be receptacles in Loveland to do so?  Where will they be located?

A:  We are too!  A map with locations will be provided as we get closer to June 2020.

Q:  I have a vintage Airstream and/or tow vehicle that I would like to display during Loveland2020.  Is that possible and is there a cost?

A:  If you are not planning to stay in the vintage Airstream or move the vintage tow vehicle during the Rally, and do not need power, water or pump-outs YES!  We would love for you to display them during Loveland2020 at no additional cost – simply contact rally@airstreamclub.org with your name, Big Red Number, Airstream Model, Year & Length.

Q:  What RV power is available during the Rally?

A:  20A to each trailer.

Q:  What can I run on the 20A service during the Rally?

A:  In order to save electric for other uses, we will ask attendees to switch both the refrigerator & water heater to propane.  Generally, your built-in converter/charger, normal indoor small appliances (e.g. CPAP’s, hair dryers, irons, etc) will consume in total between 10 to 20 amps.

Q:  Can I run my air conditioner at The Ranch?  Does it help if I have Easy Start installed? 

A:  You MUST NOT run your air conditioner (even with an Easy Start-type device) due to the fact that by itself, even a high-efficiency, current-generation Airstream air conditioner (e.g.Dometic Penguin II), consumes 16 amps during operation and a peak of upwards of 24 amps during startup, even with an EasyStart device installed.  Yes, if you were using 20A on a campground pedestal, soft start devices would work; however, you will be one of several hundred 20A circuits on a shared CAT panel and don’t want to be the one to shut down your neighbors.

Q:  What else can’t I run on the 20A service (and why not)?

A:  Run as much on propane as possible to ensure you don’t trip the 20A circuit assigned to your trailer.  We will ask attendees to switch both your refrigerator and water heater to propane. If you have solar, consider also switching off your built-in converter/charger by turning off the related circuit breaker in your Airstream. This itself could save up to 8-10 amps of current use.

Q:  Can I use my personal generator, on-board or external, while on the CAT power grid?  

A:  NO.  This is a safety issue.  Similar to other International Rallies, use of personal generators in the power section is not allowed.  If you wish to use your personal generator, you will need to move to the Personal Generator Section.

Q:  How do I request to move from the CAT power grid to the Personal Generator Section?

A:  Please email rally@airstreamclub.org by no later than January 22, 2020.  NOTE:  Only those members who request to move to the Personal General Section will be parked in that location.  

Q:  What if I change my mind during the Loveland2020 rally and wish to move to the Personal Generator Section.  Can I do so?

A:  If you have any concerns about your Airstream functionality while on 20A power, we suggest that you shift to the Personal Generator Section now instead of waiting for a potential problem to occur.  It may not be feasible to relocate from your designated parking location  for a non-emergency during the rally.

For a more visual representation, the attached Green Acres video titled “Principle of 7” may help:  

PRINCIPLE OF 7 (per Oliver on Green Acres) PRINCIPLE OF 7 (applied to an RV)

Can Opener 1 Converter (w/nothing in use) 1

Coffee Pot 2 Television 1

Electric Iron 2 Electric Refrigerator 2

Toaster 2 Electric Frying Pan 2

Mixer 2 Electric Coffee Pot 3

Frying Pan 3 Food Processor 3

Rotisserie 4 Crock Pot 4

Dishwasher 5 Toaster 4

Washing Machine 6 Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum 5

Freezer 6 Hair Dryer 6

Refrigerator 6 Microwave Oven 6

Electric Water Heater (6 gallon) 6

Iron 6

Air Conditioner 6

Q:  What are the hours of the Personal Generator section?

A:  As with the CAT power grid, you may run your generator(s) 24/7; however, if they are above the noise restrictions indicated below, we will ask that you turn them off overnight.

Q:  What about water and pump-outs in the Personal Generator section?

A:  Standard water and pump-out services will be provided in the Personal Generator Section.

Q:  How will I get from the Personal Generator section to the central meeting areas?

A:  The Shuttle Service for the rally will serve all areas, including the Personal Generator Section.

Q:  Is there a noise restriction on generators in the Personal Generator Section?

A:  Yes.  All Personal Generators should be able to run at under approximately 60dB noise level (at 25% load). Most RV “inverter” generators meet this restriction. Some common examples:

  Honda EU3000iS: 57dBA

  Yamaha EF2000i: 51dBA

  Generac iQ2000: 53dBA

  WEN 56125i: 51dBA

•  Honda EU22200i:  53dBA

Q:  Is there a Rally discount for staying in the Personal Generator section?

A:  No.






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